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Quality assured, dermatologically tested, and certified. A true Italian luxury product.

Professional Waxing Products

Client trust is unbreakable if they walk away smooth AND healthy every time. Our products guarantee both with affordable prices. Browse our selection below.

Soft Waxes

Soft Waxes

Naturaverde Pro soft waxes spread thinly and evenly for precision waxing. Give them that smooth and silky feel with soft waxes. These are made for larger areas while focusing on comfort with ideal results.

Soft Waxes

Hard Waxes

Naturaverde Pro Hard Flex Wax focuses on smooth application and long-lasting pliability for gentle removal. The face, underarms, and bikini line are small, large, and sensitive areas that require finesse.

Soft Waxes

Roll-On Waxes

Naturaverde Pro high quality roll-on waxes are economical and time-saving. This comes with the added advantage of working with all skin and hair types. If bang for your buck is your priority, look no further!

Soft Waxes

Skin Care

For a full-service waxing experience, Naturaverde skin care products help clients with pre and post-service care. Waxing may be uncomfortable, but these products will leave customers in comfort.

Soft Waxes


Strips and warmer accessories you need to compliment your waxing.

Soft Waxes


Limited availability kits to help you get started for an affordable price. Normally offered with classes (See kit description for more details).

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